About Us

National Broadband (NBB) is an Internet Service Provider, which was created in response to the market demand for a focused service and a competitive alternative to traditional ISPs. As an end user, you can benefit from our consistent internet services through our assigned National Broadband dealers. We’ve invested heavily in our cutting edge infrastructure to ensure to be everyone’s preferred choice. As a partner, you can directly connect to our resilient buried fiber network for redistribution of internet connection to end users.

National Broadband is powered by CYBERNET, Pakistan’s leading Internet, Data and managed services provider. Since its inception in March 1996, CYBERNET has extended its operations to 70 cities of Pakistan. It has a robust buried fiber infrastructure which ensures uninterrupted services to all its customers. CYBERNET has maintained the tradition of dedication and service par excellence, which has been, and continues to be, its motto.

Our network is robust and blazing fast.

Our Offerings

* Consumer internet packages mentioned on this site are inherently shared in nature
* End user prices are set by our appointed local operators

Why National Broadband

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    No Buffering
    Now enjoy buffering free videos on your favorite video streaming sites.
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    No Lags
    Improve your online gaming experience with lower latency. Go online and beat the best to become the best.
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    Equal Upload & Download
    You can now upload large files on internet while downloading, without loss of bandwidths.
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    Unlimited Volume
    Experience the true essence of internet browsing without the limitations of internet volume.
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    Seamless Entertainment
    Have an access to one-stop solution to movies, music, videos, dramas, games, and much more.
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    Live Streaming
    Get TV-like experience whilst watching live TV shows, matches, news, and much more.
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    Uninterrupted Video Calls
    Make an online video calls without any voice termination or lag over video calls.
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    Ultimate Gaming Experience
    Get the ultimate gaming experience with our highly consistent internet speed.

NBB Code

Buried Fiber Backbone

National Broadband provides consistent internet services over stable and resilient buried fiber backbone. NBB network signal travels over our buried fiber optic using the FTTN and HFE technologies ensuring maximum uptime.

Fiber To The Node

FTTN is typically described as the connection from the node to the customer premises using Fiber or Ethernet from the cable company.

Hybrid Fiber Ethernet

National Broadband also uses a Hybrid Fiber Ethernet (HFE) network, a telecommunication technology in which optical fiber cable and Ethernet cables are used in different portions of a network to carry a broadband content (such as video, data and voice).

State Of The Art Infrastructure

National Broadband invests heavily in its cutting edge infrastructure to ensure network stability and high speed broadband. Our partners provide infrastructure support to dealers and National Broadband provides a network backbone.

Redundant Upstream Carrier

National Broadband has an access to redundant submarine communication cables system.

Get National Broadband

Check your address to see if the NBB network is available


National Broadband is an Internet Service Provider that uses FTTN and Ethernet as the method of delivery to home users. NBB provides internet services to its operators over its buried fiber backbone.

You can apply for the connection of National Broadband as an end user or a operator. To generate a request for the connection, please submit the online form available on www.nationalbroadband.pk

Please use ‘Smart Coverage Map’, which lets you check the NBB operator’s availability in your area. All you need to do is to visit “Coverage Area” tab on our website.

We offer different packages for different cities. Please visit “Our Offerings” tab on our website. End user prices are set by our appointed local operators.

Once the form is submitted, our local operator will be notified about the connection request. Our appointed local operator will contact the applicant within 72 hours.

The response time of our operator is 72 hours from the point of form submission. You can lodge a complaint on our Facebook page, if you are not contacted within 72 hours.

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