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Check your address to see if the NBB network is available

What is nbb?

National Broadband (NBB) was created in response to the market demand for a focused service and a competitive alternative to traditional ISPs. Partnering with us allows you to directly connect to our resilient buried fiber network. We’ve invested heavily in our cutting edge infrastructure to ensure to be everyone’s preferred choice.

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The NBB Advantages


Most Economical Prices


High Bandwidth Packages


Consistent and Symmetrical Speeds


Seamless Entertainment Experience


Stable and resilient buried fiber backbone (FTTN) ensuring maximum uptime

The nbb Network Technology - FTTN and HFE:

NBB network signal travels over our underground / buried fiber optic using the FTTN and HFE technologies.

Fiber to the Node

              Fiber to the Node

FTTN is typically described as the connection from the node to the customer premises using Fiber or Ethernet from the cable company.

Hybrid Fiber Ethernet

              Hybrid Fiber Ethernet

A Hybrid Fiber Ethernet (HFE) network is a telecommunication technology in which optical fiber cable and ethernet cables are used in different portions of a network to carry broadband content (such as video, data, and voice).

Internet Packages

Every package bundles with an enormous amount of data bandwidth plus dedicated bandwidth for most watched videos for an unprecedented online experience and entertainment. Multiple bandwidth packages available starting from 2 Mbps.

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